What Hat for your Face?

Firstly you need to figure out what shape your face is, everyone’s different and you may be a mix of a few shapes.

Top heavy face shapes are those that are wider at the top and slimmer around the jaw, go for a Fedora style hat to balance out the shape.

Heavy Face


For oblong face shapes, you want to make your face appear shorter, a wide-brimmed hat or one that sits low on your forehead will do the trick.

Oblong Face


Flat caps are perfect for those with square faces as it adds roundness and structure to your face.

Square Face


Round faces can suit nearly every style of hat, try a baseball cap or flat cap for more formal situations.

Round Face



Beanies can suit nearly everyone and are a safe option if you’re struggling to find the perfect hat. You can mix and match with styles and colors to keep up with trends.


 Beanies for all types of faces